Types of Microform Media

Microform Types

Different Types of Microform Media

Microfilm roll  microfilm.jpg  http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:h314omcNqGMxsM:http://www.state.sd.us/boa/CENTRALSUPPLY/Catalog/Images/130210-130220.jpg  http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:bxQ5DGTA7PjfIM:http://www.filingsystems.com.au/images/photo_microfilm_4.jpg

16MM or 35MM standard is used, usually unperforated. Roll microfilm is stored on open reels or put into cassettes. The standard length for using roll film is 30.48m (100 ft). One roll of 35MM film may carry 600 images of large engineering drawings or 800 images of broadsheet newspaper pages. 16 mm film may carry 2400 images of letter sized images as a single stream of micro images along the film set so that lines of text are parallel to the sides of the film or 10,000 small documents, perhaps cheques or betting slips, with both sides of the originals set side-by-side on the film.

A duped jacket fiche microfiche.jpg jacketed_microfiche.jpg http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:dhf3y390GCXnjM:http://www.casperlaw.info/db5/00472/casperlaw.info/_uimages/CIS-microfiche.jpg

A microfiche is a flat film, 105MM x 148MM in size, that is ISO A5. It carries a matrix of micro images. All microfiche are read with text parallel to the long side of the fiche. Frames may be landscape or portrait. Along the top of the fiche a title may be recorded for visual identification. The most commonly used format is a portrait image of about 10MM x 14MM. Office-size papers or magazine pages require a reduction of 24 or 25. Microfiche are stored in open top envelopes which are put in drawers or boxes as file cards, or fitted into pockets in purpose-made books.

Jacketed Fiche - jacketed_microfiche.jpg
COM Fiche - COM_Microfiche.jpg


Aperture cards

Aperture card with hollerith info  aperture card.jpg  aperture_cards.jpg

Aperture Cards are a Hollerith Card into which a hole has been cut. A 35MM microfilm chip is mounted in the hole inside of a clear plastic sleeve, or secured over the aperture by an adhesive tape. They are used for engineering drawings, for all engineering disciplines. There are libraries of these containing over three million cards. Aperture cards may be stored in drawers or in freestanding rotary units.

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