The Microform Conversion Opportunity

Create revenue converting microfilm & microfiche to digital

Microrom Conversion Opportunity

There are still millions of permanent records on Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards that will need to be converted to digital for restoration, ease of access, and retention. The conversion of these records will account for Millions of Dollars. We can help you CASH-IN on these opportunities in your area without having to invest in hardware or personnel.

Would you drive an additional stream of revenue to your business without having to invest in new equipment or more personnel? If you are in the scanning services business, records management / storage business, or document imaging systems business then you have the opportunity to tap into profit generating microform conversion projects that are highly available in your market place.

  • A large % of your existing customers probably have a library of existing microform that they will need to convert in the next few years
  • As you and your sales team go out on sales calls you are going to find microform that should be converted to digital (once they know to look for it). Why not maximize the profitability of your sales efforts?
    • Getting these types of conversion projects is also a great way to get your foot in the door at accounts that may not have had the need for your services initially, and we all know what can happen once we have our foot in the door!
  • By doing a little marketing within your local area to the specific organizations and groups that we know have film to convert, you can easily uncover new business opportunities. (We are here to help you with this part)

How can you cash-in on these opportunities? Digital Film Services will act as your outsourced provider for delivering these services to your clients. We have made the investment in the technology (film/fiche/card scanners) and personnel and will provide the conversion services to you at wholesale rates so that you can provide your client with competitive pricing and still maintain a 50-100% project profit margin.

The Process

  • Your sales staff identifies a microform conversion opportunity (Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards)
  • You send us a few rolls or fiche cards and we will provide you with free scanned images (within 48 business hours) and firm price quote (at wholesale price, of course)
  • You can then go back to your client with sample images and a proposal for the conversion (Your price marked up by at least 50% for a healthy profit plus any additional post-processing you plan to provide on your end)
  • Once your client gives you the thumbs up, we will scan the records on your behalf and get the images / media back to you within the deadline promised
  • You get paid, we get paid, then we go do it again!

What companies / organizations have microform to convert?

  • Colleges and Universities
                • Permanent Student Records
          • Financial Aid Records
  • Local and State Government
    • Title documents
    • Maps, county circuit court, vital records, probate county recorder/register of deeds, records, court documents
    • Libraries and museum archives
    • Voter registration documents
    • Department of Transportation records
    • Police records
    • Student records
  • Title Companies
    • Property records, prior policies
  • Banks and Credit Unions
    • Applications, loan files, signature cards, checks, member files
  • Engineering and manufacturing
    • Plans and maps
  • Federal Government
    • Military records, contracts
  • Hospitals / healthcare facilities
    • Medical records
  • Insurance
    • Policy membership files, life insurance files, policy files, underwriting files claims, property files, casualty files, workers compensation

How do you get started?
If you haven’t already, sign up for our partner program online at or click here to contact us directly at 866-609-4DFS.