Record Indexing & OCR

Record Indexing

Microfiche Scanning

How do you index microfilm/microfiche records?

Option 1 – Roll-Level Indexing

We would scan each roll and place the images from that roll into a folder or multi page image (PDF or TIFF). There would be a separate folder or image for each roll. The folder or image would be named by the title on the roll label.


Microfilm Scanning - Roll Level Indexing

This type of indexing is optimal for most applications because it enables you to access the microfilm images on your PC / Server in the same way it is currently being accessed via microfilm without dealing with the hassle of loading it onto the microfilm reader. Scanning at a roll level is the most cost effective way to convert the images because it eliminates almost all of the indexing costs. If a deeper level of indexing is required, or you need to search documents directly, then Record-Level Indexing should be used.

Option 2 - Record-Level Indexing

We would scan the rolls of microfilm, go though each image individually and break them out into documents. For example, let's say the rolls contain student record documents, we would group all of the records for an individual student into a multi page TIFF/PDF and name the image by "Student_Name" or "SSN" or "Student_Name,SSN". Once all the images are broken out, grouped and burned to CD/DVD you will be able to search by Student Name or Social Security Number to pull up what ever student file you are looking for.

Microfilm Scanning - Document Level Indexing
* In some cases this process can be automated, if document level blip's were added when the records were indexed.

What about OCR? Can you deliver our scanned images back with a text searchable database?

Yes we can. Digital Film Solutions has invested in the best OCR engine on the market. We specializes in high accuracy OCR conversions. We handle jobs as small as 500 pages to as large as millions of pages.


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