Identifying, Targeting, and Closing Microform Conversion Opportunities

Identifying Microform Conversion Opportunties

What companies / organizations have microform to convert?

  • Colleges and Universities
    • Permanent Student Records
    • Financial Aid Records
  • Local and State Government
    • Title documents
    • Maps, county circuit court, vital records, probate county recorder/register of deeds, records, court documents
    • Libraries and museum archives
    • Voter registration documents
    • Department of Transportation records
    • Police records
    • Student records
  • Title Companies
    • Property records, prior policies
  • Banks and Credit Unions
    • Applications, loan files, signature cards, checks, member files
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
    • Plans and maps
  • Federal Government
    • Military records, contracts
  • Hospitals / Healthcare Facilities
    • Medical records
  • Insurance
    • Policy membership files, life insurance files, policy files, underwriting files claims, property files, casualty files, workers compensation

How should we approach them?

  • We would suggest you select one core area from the above list to approach first
  • Identify the key record keeper and initiate contact with them about the potential need to convert their microform
  • ASK "THE QUESTION" (see below)
  • Get meeting with prospect
  • While at the initial meeting with prospect, go through survey and collect necessary information to understand their records
  • Also, while still at the initial meeting, get sample records from the client so you can show them what the images will look like ABCscanned
    ABCOnce the images are scanned, call and schedule a second meeting with prospect to show them the sample scanned images and ABCto put together a price quote.
  • ABCFor Example:
  • We have found the following approach to be very effective for identifying major conversation opportunities with Colleges and ABCUniversities:
    • Develop a list of all the major colleges / universities in your local area
    • Identify the “College Registrar”
      • “Hi _______ (name of Registrar), this is "John Doe" from" XYZ Imaging", I just wanted to touch base to see how you are currently managing your student records there, at "XYZ College". Have you started imaging or do you still maintain your records in paper / microfilm?" (The response seems to be about 50/50 paper / digital. Either way, this works as a segue into a potential sale:
        • The Registrar might say, “We are scanning our records in-house and already have an imaging system.” Which opens you up to say, “That’s great. Do you have any old paper, microfilm or microfiche records still out there or did you scan those as well?” Typically the response will be, “YES we still have old stuff”. So you can say, “Really…well, we can scan all those historic records on your behalf, index them, and then import them into your own document imaging system so you can access all of your records from one place, rather than moving from your imaging system for new stuff to microfilm / paper for old stuff”. Let the conversation take you from there, but other partners have identified and closed millions of dollars in conversion work starting with that simple call.
        • OR the Registrar might say, “We still maintain all our records in paper / microform.” Now, I know I don’t need to tell you what to do from there. Get in there and SELL!

What to do once you have a prospect interested.
Well, I would suggest you schedule a meeting with the prospect, if possible. Print out a copy of the Microfilm / Microfiche Conversion Survey Sheet and go through it with the client so you can be sure you understand their records as clearly as possible:

  • Microfilm Conversion Survey
  • Microfiche Conversion Survey

Explain to the prospect that you can convert their microfilm / microfiche / aperture card to digital and supply it back to them in any format they see fit. You can visit our microfilm, microfiche, aperture card scanning pages on our web site which goes into detail on the options available for delivery back to the client. If you need some high-level pricing, because you know they are going to ask, visit the pricing guideline page on our web site and use the market pricing to give them a ballpark feel for what their costs will be. Suggest that you would like to take a small sample of 3 to 4 rolls of film or jackets of fiche so you can show them what the scanned images will look like and schedule a follow up meeting for the following week to show them the samples of their scanned images and to put together a price quote for the rest of the conversion.

If you want to provide your prospect with a formal proposal, you can customize our proposal template with the information pertaining to their project and take it back with you to the follow up meeting.