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Microfilm Scanning Service

Microfilm Scanning & Conversion Service


Digital Film Solutions is your strategic partner for microfilm scanning services. We provide microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning and aperture card scanning to digital for access on PC, Server, and/or Document Imaging Systems.

We cater specifically to scanning services companies and will act as your outsourced provider for delivering these conversion services to your customers. Our goal is to help you drive a new stream of revenue to your organization through microform conversion without making any additional investment in technology or people. Our conversion rates are available to you at wholesale prices so that you can profitably provide these services to your customers and still have the best price in town.

Please visit our Partner Resources section for access to our updated price sheet and all the resources you will need to start selling microform conversion right away. If you have a project in the works and need a quote now, you can reach us directly at 866-609-4DFS (866-609-4337) or click here to request a quote.